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Many people often ask the question how to read facebook and zalo messages without being detected as “viewed”. Although, reading zalo or facebook messages is an invasion of personal privacy, however, this reluctant action will also give you a surprising answer. So how to read zalo messages, read facebook messenger messages undetected easily, let’s find out details with NONAZ through the article below!

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How to read Facebook messages undetected

Read messages from smartphone notifications

Read messages from smartphone notifications

This is also the simplest and easiest way to read Facebook messages without being detected. If you have an internet-connected smartphone and use the Facebook Messenger application, every time a message arrives, the application will also display an incoming message notification and message content. there.

Now you can also read the message body without opening the message. However, if there are many messages coming in at the same time or the message content is too long, you cannot use this method.

Read messages by activating “Airplane” mode before viewing messages

Read messages by activating "Airplane" mode before viewing messages

When you receive a notification of a message from the Facebook Messenger application, immediately turn on the airplane mode (Airplane Mode) and view the content of the message without having to worry about the sender discovering that you “see”.

Because when you turn on airplane mode, your phone will also suspend all Internet access. This will also prevent the Messenger app from being able to connect to the server so that “watched” mode can be enabled.

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Once you’re done viewing the message, simply exit the app and turn off Airplane mode and let the phone re-open the connection as usual.

Use extension for Google Chrome to be able to read messenger messages

Use extension for Google Chrome to be able to read messenger messages

This way of reading undetected Facebook messages will be suitable for those of you who often use Facebook on a computer. This is also how to use some Google Chrome browser extensions like J2TeaM Security or Facebook™ Chat Privacy.

The J2TeaM Security utility will provide users with a lot of options to help protect privacy, as well as customize the interface of Facebook. How to activate J2TeaM Security as follows:

J2TeaM Security Settings.

You will restart the Google Chrome browser.

Right click on the widget icon section, select “Options”>>“Privacy (On Facebook)”>>“You block viewing in Chat”. This change will also take effect immediately. The sender of the message will also not receive a “viewed” notification when you read the content of the message they sent.

Similar to J2TeaM Security, you can also use Facebook™ Chat Privacy to read Facebook messages without showing the “viewed” status. Usage is as follows:

  • Facebook™ Chat Privacy Settings.
  • You choose Extensions >> Select “Disable”.
  • Once installed, Facebook Chat Privacy will also disable the “Viewed” and “messaging” statuses in the Facebook chat window.

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How to read zalo messages undetected

Although reading messages of all chat applications is taboo, there are still cases where you need to find a way to read messages. So is there any trick to read zalo messages without being detected, try the ways below

Read and steal Zalo messages with QRcode

With this way, we do not have to spend too much time to be able to access the opponent’s Zalo account. But it is imperative that you take the phone of the person you want to read the message for about 1 minute. The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: First you need to access the website on your computer.
  • Step 2: The system will also ask you to log in with your phone number and password or scan the QRcode. You click on the box “With QR code” to proceed to login.
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  • Step 3: At this point you also need to take the opponent’s phone. Then, go to Zalo, open the QR code scanning section, and then point the camera at the computer screen containing the QR code that has just been opened. The system will also automatically scan in seconds.

scan QR code

  • Step 4: After you finish scanning the QR, the system will immediately notify you that you have successfully logged in to Zalo on your computer. However, we also need to confirm on the phone by clicking the “Login” button to be able to accept the login on the computer.

login zalo

  • Step 5: At this step, consider that you have successfully logged in, but to avoid being detected you need to delete the login notification message on the opponent’s Zalo!

Read and steal Zalo messages via SMS

How to peek at Zalo messages with the SMS section also requires you to skillfully borrow the opponent’s phone. In particular, you can also do it on your computer or on your phone with any operating system.

  • Step 1: First, you also need to determine the opponent’s Zalo login phone number.
  • Step 2: Next, you can also get the password of that account via SMS by texting with the syntax: “TT MOKHOA ZALO” to 8785.
  • Step 3: Immediately after that, the system will send you a message containing the password to log in to that Zalo account. So you just need to take the opponent’s phone to get the password.
  • Step 4: After having the password, you can also log in with your phone number and password on your own phone to view the messages.
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Using software to track and hack Zalo account

This method is also quite simple, but has high potential risk because it is easy to be scammed or blackmailed. Now, you can also easily hire a service to hack or eavesdrop on Zalo messages. However, this action is also prohibited, so it must be done secretly, easily being used by bad guys to cheat.

Besides, account hacking will not be guaranteed or certain, so it is also necessary to carefully research the service providers. So does the software to read and steal Zalo messages. Therefore, we recommend that you do not take this method.

account hacking software

There have been many cases of gullibility, seeking personal account hacking services. Exchange account information for them, pay in advance so that when making an exchange request, it does not directly lead to fraud. When you provided the information and transferred the money, you went missing and could not be contacted. So you need to find out carefully, avoid revealing personal information but also lose money unjustly for them.

The end

As mentioned above, the way to read other people’s facebook and Zalo messages is completely wrong, it has invaded personal privacy and Vietnamese law does not allow you to perform this behavior for personal purposes. core. core. Please consider carefully before doing so you won’t regret it! However, hopefully the above article has also brought you useful things? If you want to know more great tips, visit the Daily Life Tips section!

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